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Media will be artificial – but how intelligent?

The second CGTN Global Media Summit kicked off in Chongqing on October 16 with the theme of "Opening and Connecting the World," on which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and media are hot topics.

The elderly account for a quarter of Beijing's population

China issues yellow alert for thick fog

China's CGN: 'No US technology used in the UK nuclear power

Bridgewater warns US economy faces looming decelebration

Peking opera kicks off 21st Beijing Music Festival

The annual Beijing Music Festival kicked off on Friday with a new version of the traditional Peking opera "Farewell My Concubine".


China's largest trade fair opens in Guangzhou

China's largest trade fair opened Monday in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, attracting more import-oriented companies.


Chinese ambassador dismisses US accusations against China

China's ambassador to the U.S. has hit back at claims his country is trying to hack next month's congressional elections.


Brexit talks stall before midweek EU summit

The stubborn problem of Britain's land border with Ireland thwarted a drive to clinch a Brexit deal before a European Union summit this week.


Stereotypes of Chinese media cause real damage

But strangely enough, the West still “knows” Chinese media and considers it “untrustworthy” and a “propaganda machine.” This deeply rooted stereotype is not based on personal experiences or rigorous academic research, it's the result of the West viewing itself as the "standard" and excluding anything unfamiliar as "other."


Is it a stunt for a robot to testify about AI?

The UK parliament will have its first humanoid robot showing up next week and giving evidence about artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future labor market according to a press release from the UK committee.


The most dangerous celebrity online is revealed

Ruby Rose has played some dangerous characters, like an inmate in "Orange Is the New Black" and a scientist battling a prehistoric shark in "The Meg." But the actress herself is now officially dangerous.


Chinese researchers produce mouse pups with same-sex parents

Chinese researchers produced healthy mice with two mothers that went on to have normal offspring of their own.


Beijing refutes the US claim that it helped 'rebuild' China

China on Wednesday refuted claim by US President Donald Trump that attributed China's development achievements to the US, saying it is not only untrue, but also illogical. ...


Guangdong bans train passengers from taking other's seats

South China's Guangdong Province has passed a regulation, making it obligatory that train passengers take the seats specified on their tickets....


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